After her passing in 2017, the Pat Dando Legacy Endowment Fund was created to memorialize Pat’s love of children and education. As friends and family mourned the loss of this incredible woman, they helped grow the fund with their generous donations. The endowment would not be possible without the support and generosity of donors throughout the San Jose area, and will benefit the community for years to come.

This fund was specifically created to support the Children’s Center at the Almaden Library and Community Center. Pat would have wanted the money to help the children of her community, and the endowment will continue to support this demographic over time. Funds will be allocated to help with costs to obtain supplies, equipment, personnel, materials projects, and renovations for the Children’s Center in the future.

Children’s Activities at the Almaden Library and Community Center

The Almaden Library and Community Center was chosen for the endowment because it had a special place in Pat’s heart. As a young mother in the San Jose area, Pat Dando spent much time at the Almaden Library with her kids. The center’s resources provided a valuable and positive learning environment for her children, contributing positively to the development of their reading, writing, cognitive, and motor skills.

Pat helped expand the capabilities at the Almaden Library by helping approve and fund a larger Library and Community Center. Pat felt the library was a very important resource for a young mother and would’ve wanted to continue supporting families throughout the San Jose community. To explore the children’s activities and resources that this endowment helps fund, or to further support activities at the library, click the buttons below.

Almaden Library and Community Center

Memorial Sculpture


To commemorate Pat’s legacy, a memorial sculpture was added outside of the Almaden Library and Community Center. The sculpture features Dando sitting on a bench with two children. Next to the sculpture, a memorial plaque offers a short summary of Dando’s life.

Pat was quite fond of bronze sculptures. On her frequent trips to Boston, she fell in love with the bronze artwork on display in that city. During her time in public service, Pat brought bronze sculpture to Almaden Valley with the Fontana statue. Pat coordinated the creation of the memorial statue to honor Jeffrey Fontana, a San Jose police officer who was killed in the line of duty.

Because of Pat’s fondness for bronze sculptures, her friends and family felt that it was the perfect medium for Pat’s own memorial statue. See the beautiful bronze sculpture greeting visitors at the entrance to the Almaden Library and Community Center.